Shield yourself from life’s stresses with nature’s resilience

As an adaptogenic plant, Ginseng helps reduce the effects of stress on mind and body

Whether we like it or not, stress is a fact of life, particularly in our busy modern lives. But we know that stress reduction is crucial if we want to live long, vibrant, healthy lives. Increasingly, we also know that stress produces negative physical effects in the body. Stressed minds create stressed bodies, with heightened levels of inflammation and susceptibility to disease.

That’s why we all need to complement our efforts to reduce stress in our lives with natural solutions that promote real resilience. Panax ginseng is one such solution. As an adaptogenic plant, it improves your body’s ability to cope with stress. It’s right there in the name adaptogen: it helps you to adapt, no matter what sort of stressors are being thrown your way.

It appears as though Panax ginseng’s adaptogenic properties promote stress reduction for both mind and body by decreasing:

Your body’s “stress response”

By impacting the mechanisms controlling your adrenal glands, ginseng can delay and soften your body’s natural response to stressful stimulus (e.g., loud noises).

Your cortisol levels

Cortisol, your “stress hormone”, is corrosive to your body. So when you decrease your cortisol levels with ginseng, you protect yourself from illness and even slow down the aging process naturally.

Feelings of stress and anxiety

Clinical studies have shown that people who take ginseng report an increased sense of well being, with fewer stressed­-out or anxious feelings.

The Other Benefits of Ginseng