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Ginseng Powder

Ginseng Powder

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Harness the timeless benefits of Panax ginseng traditionally

Our Panax ginseng is grown in ideal conditions and processed at low temperatures for maximum retention of active natural components. We guarantee that our ginseng products contain the right number of ginsenosides for delivering optimal nutrients and health benefits.

Take our pure, finely powered Panax Ginseng Powder to realize benefits like:

The traditional method for ingesting this powerful adaptogenic plant involves mixing it in powdered form with warm water and drinking it. That means when you choose Panax Ginseng Powder, you are carrying on an ancient health and wellness tradition.

Product Information

100% Panax Ginseng


Mix ¼ teaspoon with warm water and drink 2-4 times daily


  • ISO 9001
  • Halal
  • NPN: 80012575
  • 0 Caffeine / Sugar / Carb / Calorie