The Bing Han Story

How a challenging childhood gave rise to a ginseng empire

The humble beginnings of Dr. Li He­Shun, Bing Han’s Founder

fish-villiage.jpgNowadays, Dr. Li He-­Shun is known as Bing Han’s President, the founder of one of the world’s most specialized and integrated panax ginseng distribution companies. But in the 1950s, he was like any other impoverished child in rural Taiwan. He lived without financial or food security. He watched his father suffer from chronic “black foot disease”, an illness afflicting many villagers with poor quality drinking water.

founder.jpgThroughout Dr. Li’s childhood, friends and family had to grapple with circumstances beyond their control. Rather than embitter him, these experiences inspired him to care.


A Call to Medicine

herbal_medicine.jpgWhen Dr. Li was a teenager, both of his parents passed away. In order to support his family, he left his small fishing village to find work. Attracted to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he decided to pursue a career in health care.

After years of study, apprenticeship, and hard work, Dr. Li became a respected professional Chinese medical practitioner. The sad memories he carried with him from his childhood inspired him, driving him to find solutions for the health problems he knew could destroy a person’s quality of life.

A Clear Vision

While he worked as a medical practitioner, Dr. Li often dreamed about developing a health product that could enhance wellbeing and improve living standards. Intrigued by ginseng’s healing researching the adaptogenic plant.

Before long, he realized ginseng was the miracle he had been seeking, a key to health and prosperity readily available in nature. He wanted to give this key to as many people as possible. He wanted to create a ginseng company that would, above all else, affirm life.

The Birth of Bing Han

start.jpgUsing his own money, Dr. Li officially launched his premiere product, Bing Han Refined Panax Ginseng Powder, in January 1991. Soon thereafter he formed Bing Han Co. Ltd. and became its President.

That same year, Dr. Li held a meeting at a small rented office in Taipei to introduce his product to people who might benefit from using it or want to distribute it themselves. Jacky Chen Lee­Yu (who became Bing Han’s General Manager) and Lai Jang­Yi (who became Bing Han’s Manager) were also there, supporting him.


A Business Built on Tradition, But Looking Forward

“Perseverance reaped rewards,” says Dr. Li as he recalls those early days. “My success is a testament to the impact that Bing Han can have in every individual’s life.”

Nowadays, the character of its founder, Dr. Li, informs the character of Bing Han as a company. It’s a company that believes in the wisdom of tradition as well as the power of innovation. It’s inspired by people and driven by compassion. It seeks, above all, to affirm life.