Our Leadership


Born in a small fishing village on the southwest coast of Taiwan in the 1950s, young Li He-Shun lived most of his childhood in abject poverty. There was no financial or food security in his family’s day-to-day existence. He watched, with sorrow, as his father suffered from chronic “black foot” disease, an affliction related to poor water quality.

As a traditional Chinese medicine professional, he was driven to find a solution for the health problems that he knew could destroy a person’s quality of life. He founded Bing Han in 1991 to deliver that solution to as many people as possible, creating the world’s most specialized and integrated ginseng distribution company.


Some people have a magical way of making good things happen. Jacky Chen Lee-Yu is one of those people, which has earned her the nickname, “the magician.”

When she was a younger woman, years of poor health and stress took their toll on her physically and emotionally. But after she met Dr. Li and began using his Panax ginseng product, she became a new person. Her mental and physical health improved significantly. She left her stressful job and began to do what she loved most. She began to share her personal, life-changing Bing Han story with others. Like magic, several of her friends and acquaintances became Bing Han partners under Ms. Chen.

As a role model for other women, Ms. Chen now travels the world, sharing her inspiring stories. She works tirelessly to train and support Bing Han partners all over the world in developing and expanding new markets.


The first thing you notice about Desmond Liew is his passion for all things Bing Han. Walking into a room with a big smile on his face, he can’t wait to tell you something new and wonderful about the company and its ginseng.

Concerned about the health of his parents, Desmond was immediately attracted by the Bing Han promise of improved wellness. After meeting GM Jacky Chen and attending several Bing Han meetings, he became a man with a mission – to introduce their ginseng product to the world.

But that’s not all. Desmond is also dedicated to spreading the unique “spirit” of the worldwide Bing Han community. And his results speak for themselves. Desmond steadfastly believes that “nothing can stop a company’s success if it has a good product and efficient operating systems.”

Desmond’s passionate leadership, intelligence, and determination have proven him right. With his help, Bing Han has expanded far beyond Taiwan to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Canada, and the United States.


Born into an affluent family, Mona Wong never believed she would be anything other than a dutiful housewife until her life-changing encounter with Jacky Chen. Moved by the Bing Han GM’s passion for promoting a healthy way of life for all mankind, she joined the Bing Han team.

After 5 years of learning and hard work, Mona metamorphosed from a business newcomer to Bing Han’s Hong Kong branch leader. She is now not only a successful entrepreneur but also an inspiring educator for millions of Bing Han’s independent partners.