Enjoy the freedom and profit of entrepreneurship without the risks

Do you crave the freedom of an entrepreneur, but also value stability and security? Are you passionate about health and wellness? Do you enjoy sharing, teaching, and helping others? Would you like to build a business of your own, but still have the support of an established brand behind you? If you answered “yes” to those questions, you are probably an ideal fit for Bing Han’s Independent Partner Program. When you become an Independent Partner, you earn commission on the Bing Han products you distribute. That means enjoying the freedom and moneymaking potential of entrepreneurship without the major risks that come with creating and marketing new products. You simply leverage Bing Han’s brand power and sales expertise to build a business that suits your lifestyle.

Level A: VIP

  • You purchase Bing Han products for your own use
  • Your discount starts at 5%
  • The more you purchase, the higher your discount goes

Enroll as a VIP

Level B: Business Builder

  • You are compensated for the volume of products you distribute/sell
  • There is no timeframe on how quickly you need to sell/distribute products
  • You can access a global market—you enjoy the same discount/compensation level no matter where in the world you are operating
  • Your discount starts at 10%

Enroll as a Business Builder

What does becoming an Independent Partner look like?

  1. Enroll in the Bing Han Independent Partner Program.
  2. Access Bing Han’s world-class training for Independent Partners.
  3. Access Bing Han’s tools for success as an Independent Partner—you will have everything you need to run your distribution business, from marketing tools to payment processing systems.
  4. Build the business of your dreams and help other people by teaching them about Bing Han’s products.