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Ginseng's Active Agents

Ginseng’s effectiveness can not be traced to only one particular active agent or constituent. It is the complex relationship between the many naturally occurring agents  that gives ginseng its special properties. The most commonly studied active components of ginseng, however, include a family of saponins called ginsenosides.

The History & Lore of Ginseng

Royal Root

More precious than gold to ancient Chinese emperors, historical records indicate that Panax ginseng has been in use by royals since long before the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). Treasured and revered for its almost mythical power to bring health, virility and long life, its use was forbidden to all but royalty – sometimes by penalty of death.

Traditional Uses

Anti-stress effects of Ginkgo biloba and Panax ginseng

Stress is a global menace fortified by the advancement of industrialization. Failure of stress management is due to lack of proper evaluation of anti-stress products.

Male Fertility and Panax Ginseng

This study examined the possibility of using a tissue cultured root of wild Panax ginseng (tcwPG) as a fertility agent.

The effect of tcwPG on spermatogenesis was studied using male rats. The tcwPG crude powder was administered orally to 7-week-old rats over a 6-week period. The number of sperm in the testes and epididymides was significantly higher than the control. A histological examination did not reveal any morphological changes in the testes from the tcwPG powder treated rats.