Top Healthy Food Trends for 2016

Top Healthy Food Trends for 2016

Just when you thought you knew what was in and what was out, along comes 2016. The New Year has arrived and we want to give you the inside scoop on what’s hot in healthy food for the year ahead. Now that the temptations and overindulgences of the holiday season are over, it’s a great time to get your health back on track with the best up-and-coming food trends, promising gratifying results for your body and mind. Without further udo, here are the latest and greatest healthy food trends that everyone will be devouring in 2016.

Power Bowls 

Say hello to bowls and goodbye to plates—they’re so 2015. In addition to the breakfast bowls (or smoothie bowls), power bowls are extending into lunch and dinner menus, popping up on many healthy-leaning restaurant menus. From grain bowls and macro bowls to veggie bowls, sushi-style bowls, and more, there are a wide variety of creative and healthy bowl meals being served up this year. These delectable bowl meals bring together all kinds of vegetables with whole grains, such as quinoa, brown rice, and soba noodles, and including a wide variety of protein sources like grilled meats, eggs, beans, nuts, cheese, and tofu.


Is Seaweed the New Kale?  

In 2016, many experts are calling seaweed the new kale. An extremely rich source of minerals, seaweed—such as kelp, kombu, nori, and other underwater vegetables—provide a host of benefits that contribute to healthy-looking skin, hair, and nails. What’s more, seaweed is a rich source of minerals, can aid digestion, and supports healthy metabolism, and is low calorie.


Matcha Tea 

If you’ve gone into pretty much any coffee shop lately (yes, including Starbucks), you have probably seen matcha on the menu. Matcha—a stone-ground powdered green tea mixed into hot water—is prized for being rich in powerful antioxidants, and is packed with fibre, chlorophyll, and vitamins. Amongst its many benefits, this highly praised green tea powder can help burn calories, detoxify the body, and fortify the immune system. 


Adaptogens and Panax Ginseng  

Adaptogenic herbs like Panax ginseng have miraculous powers that can help the body adapt to its specific needs. These stress-fighting super herbs can enhance calm, improve memory and concentration, strengthen the immune system, and much more. Panax ginseng can be used to improve respiratory function and blood oxygenation, thus boosting energy levels and endurance. As a result, it is ideal for any type of sport and helps prevent altitude sickness. It can also help the body adapt to any physical stress, such as cold and hot extremes. 

Wouldn’t you like to be prepared for all of life’s challenges this year? Though these recommendations are current trends with modern uses, these health tips have been around for a long time, so it’s time to take the reins and get started!


Dr. Melissa Carr is a registered Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, caring for patients in an integrative medicine clinic in Vancouver.