Perk Up Your Sex Life with Panax Ginseng

Perk Up Your Sex Life with Panax Ginseng

Have you been thinking about sparking up more intimacy in your relationship? Maintaining a healthy sex life can be a challenge. Stress from work, becoming new parents, health issues, and financial concerns are just some of the everyday demands that can cool desires. If you are looking to bring back some of the lost heat in the bedroom, Panax ginseng may be exactly what you are looking for this Valentine’s Day. 

Rejuvenating Powers of Panax Ginseng

Ginseng has been used as a health tonic in Asia for thousands of years. Used for both medicinal purposes and personal use around the world, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and Western herbalists have also been recommending Panax ginseng for its effectiveness as a sexual stimulant, helping to improve mood and enhance vitality in both men and women. 

Improved Performance in the Bedroom

Studies have shown that Panax ginseng can help eliminate erectile dysfunction. Similar to Viagra or Cialis, ginseng helps the body produce more nitric oxide—a compound that plays an important role is relaxing muscles and improving blood flow to help men attain longer-lasting erections. However, this ancient herb can improve sexual performance without the unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects that are associated with  these prescription drugs, including headaches, facial flushing, nausea, blackouts, and at worst, even death. 

To further weigh the risks of taking erectile dysfunction medications (EDMs), there is evidence that they may even cause the very problem they were designed to resolve, when taken by men who initially have no erectile problems. A 2010 study of 1,944 healthy young men who were recruited from 497 undergraduate institutions within the Unites States demonstrated an increased usage of EDMs, for recreational use. They found that these men ended up with a 2.5 fold increase in erectile dysfunction compared to nonusers. Panax ginseng does not incur this risk.
In addition to helping tackle impotence, Panax ginseng can improve circulation and reduce anxiety. It may help also address premature ejaculation—a common condition that affects about one in five men between the ages 18 and 59. 

Not Just For Men

Not only can Panax ginseng help men improve sexual performance, it also provides a number of benefits for women as well. Research has demonstrated that Panax ginseng can boost a women’s sex drive, improve blood flow to the ovaries, and increase the chance of fertilization.

Bing Han Panax Ginseng

Bing Han ginseng is grown for a full six years so that it can reach optimal maturity, allowing it to produce and concentrate its active constituents.
For both men and women looking for a kick start in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day, Panax ginseng is the natural solution that will give you that spark you have been looking for. 


Dr. Melissa Carr is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a B.Sc. in Kinesiology. In practice since 2001, Dr. Carr has a passion for sharing health information. She has been a nutrition instructor and a health consultant, lecturer, and writer for 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper, Fraser Health Authority, UBC, and the David Suzuki Foundation, amongst others.