Panax Ginseng—Nature’s Cold and Flu Remedy

Panax Ginseng—Nature’s Cold and Flu Remedy

You may have heard recently in the news that North America’s first human cases of the H7N9 bird flu have been confirmed in British Columbia. A couple from the Lower Mainland had recently been on a trip to China where it is believed they have contracted the flu-like illness.

As with most influenza, these harmful respiratory diseases should always be taken seriously. They can cause a number of symptoms, including coughing, fatigue, muscle soreness, headache, and fever. And in some cases, the flu can lead to death.   


Your First Line of Defense

Whether you are at home or abroad, it can be a challenge to stay healthy during cold and flu season. During this time of year, people tend to gather indoors and stay in close contact with others, making it easier for viruses to spread from person to person. People are doing their best to fight colds and flu with vaccinations or whatever they can find in their “medicine chest”. When it comes to winning the battle on seasonal viruses, however, prevention really is your first line of defense, especially when it comes to contracting a potentially devastating flu.   


Keep Colds and Flu at Bay

One of the most commonly used and researched herbal remedies worldwide, Panax Ginseng has been playing an important role in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. This incredible preventative and curative natural remedy has long been revered for its many health benefits, including the treatment of anemia, cancer, depression, diabetes, fatigue, hypertension, insomnia, as well as to promote endurance, increase life expectancy, encourage proper hormonal functions, and increase resistance to disease—not to mention its legendary medicinal use to help keep colds and flu at bay.

The active compounds— helpful plant saponins, specifically ginsenosides—in Panax ginseng have been proven time and again to support immune function. Furthermore, ginseng has been shown to increase the effectiveness of antibiotics and vaccines, making it an extremely effective complementary medicine. Studies have also demonstrated that healthy people who regularly take ginseng are more likely to have a stronger immune system in comparison to individuals who don’t use it.


Bing Han Panax Ginseng

For a convenient way to take ginseng, Bing Han offers a high quality powdered or capsulated Panax ginseng that is processed using methods that make it uniquely safe to take daily for optimal ongoing immune boosting.

Seasonal colds and flu can spread quickly this time of year. Using Bing Han Panax ginseng will provide a valuable immune boost that will help you stay healthy.

For more information about Bing Han Panax ginseng, please contact us.


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Dr. Melissa Carr is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a B.Sc. in Kinesiology. In practice since 2001, Dr. Carr has a passion for sharing health information. She has been a nutrition instructor and a health consultant, lecturer, and writer for 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper, Fraser Health Authority, UBC, and the David Suzuki Foundation, amongst others.